Hub City Hard 30

Start 2022 off right by getting back to nutrition and lifestyle basics and literally start putting a fork in the weakness of the last 2 years !!

Price: $30

Event Date and Time:2022-01-09 11:59:31

If you feel like we do, the last two years have been weird, to say the least. It’s Time to stop this soft BS!!!

So, let’s start 2022 off right by getting back to nutrition and lifestyle basics and literally start putting a fork in the weakness of the last 2 years !!

Your Hard 30 challenge will run for 4 weeks (that’s 30 days)

Each day you will work to perform daily tasks and log your results in Wodify Rise.

Challenge your team members! This challenge is about grit, accountability, self-confidence, and perseverance.

NON-Members of Hub city CrossFit can add 30 Days of Classes with a monthly membership fee. Click here to see pricing 

Challenge entry includes a Pre and Post Inbody scan from Hub City InBody. Macronutrient measurements can be calculated by your coaches. 

Prizes will be awarded to:

-Most Points M/F

-Greatest percentage change in body composition over 4 weeks

30$ Entry Fee

Registration Starts Dec 31st and closes on Jan 10th. Find out more details at the box!

Do I need a Wodify Account to Participate?

Nope. You will be able to open an account in the wodify rise app once you register. 

I’m on nutrition plan XYZ, Can I use this for the challenge?

Great Question, yes! The best nutrition plan is the one you can best stick to. Set a plan and stick to it. I would say the only rules for any plan would be no cheat days or alcohol

If I’m in bed for 8 hours but have trouble falling asleep can I count my points for sleep?

Nope. You must sleep for 7.5 hours a night to get points. Hopefully, this situation will guide you as to why you have trouble with sleep latency and perhaps help you work on improving this. Use wearables or other devices to help calculate this.  

How strict do I have to be on the food list to take 5 points?

You have to nail it, that means if you eat one thing off the “do not eat” list then you cannot take a 5 for the day. 

Does Yoga Count as mobility points?

Depends, If you do are doing some sort of hot sweaty power yoga- no way!. But if you can honestly say your yoga session was restorative and worked on your mobility then yes. If you’re unsure, ask a coach or fellow athlete, I’m sure they will have an opinion and be able to help you out. Remember that this is about accountability and integrity. We are all here to help you succeed, not cosign any bullshit and help you cheat the system. 

What counts as appropriate reading material?

Anything non-fiction that adds knowledge or value to your life. Educational podcasts, Ebooks or audiobooks count. TV or Youtube does not count. And for sure scrolling IG reels does not. This task is about discipline and the mental challenge. Don’t accept things that make you dumber!

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