"The Mile" Ruck Challenge

The Challenge: Load up as heavy as possible. Ruck 1 mile. Easy right? Nope.

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Event Date and Time:2020-08-21 18:30:00

If you stuck it out with us through the quarantine, then you know about rucking!

Join us Friday, August 21st from 6:30-7:30 as we complete “The Mile” brought to you by www.ruckingchallenges.com. Learn more about this challenge and register for your patch here

What is “The Mile” Challenge?

Load up as heavy as possible. Ruck 1 mile.

After we lift heavy weights-its time to eat big steaks!

Bring your own meat and we will grill it up after the challenge, hang out, and have some beers! (bring your own)

If you do this challenge correctly, it will be forever etched in your soul as “The Mile.”

Load up as heavy as possible and ruck 1 mile. While stopping is allowed, you may not put down your ruck or any additional coupons you’re carrying. If you set down the weight, you must restart your attempt.

If you finish the mile and think, “That wasn’t so bad,” you did it wrong. Try again.

A note of caution: This challenge is intended to push you, but not break you. If you feel that your weight is so heavy that you risk injury, don’t do it.

Recommended Weight:Really, really heavy.

Recommended Distance:
Advanced: 1 mile.
Intermediate: 1 mile.
Newbies: 1 mile.

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