Customer of the MonthOctober

Jenn Stadstad

Career: PE Teacher

Years at Hub City CrossFit: 7

Hub City Coach-Collegiate Athlete-Wonder Woman

I was born and raised in Albany, and went to college at the University of Kansas on a swimming scholarship. While there I was division 1 All-American 3 of the 4 years I swam and qualified for the 1996 Olympic trails. When I moved back to Oregon, I got my masters degree in teaching from OSU and met my now husband. We both teach at Calapooia Middle School and both teach PE. We have been team teaching for 20 years! We both coach track, and have coached various other youth sports including cross country, swimming, basketball, baseball, and soccer. We have two kids, Hannah, a Senior soon to be pursuing her own athletic collegiate career in volleyball and Jordan, a 6’4 trumpet playing, water polo playing, swimmer Sophmore.


How Did You Get Started in CrossFit?
I had been running marathons and doing local boot camp type classes and loved them and Michele Smith convinced me to try it out and the rest is history!
What Do You Love Most About CrossFit?
The fact that, at the age of 45, I’m still able to be an athlete and still getting stronger. But mostly, I live the supportive atmosphere where everyone truly supports each other and roots for the best.
What's Your Favorite type of workout?
I love a good chipper. Get one task done, cross it off, move on to the next.
What's Your Favorite Benchmark WOD?
If the CF total counts, then that’s my favorite! Lift heavy things! If it needs to be a wod, then Grace.
What's Your Least Favorite Type of Workout?
Anything with hand stand push ups. That’s my weakness.
What's your nutrition plan and why does it work for you?
I have two autoimmune disorders that I am constantly fighting so I have to stick to a pretty strict whole 30/paleo like diet. So no diary, no eggs, no gluten, no sugar and the only grain I can tolerate is rice. This works for me because it keeps my inflammation down and allows my body to heal what it needs to heal.
What's Your Best Mindset Tool/Trick/or Skill?
I have a positive outlook on just about everything I do. I try not to take myself or life too seriously, but I also want to work my hardest and do my best. Life is all about balance and at various stages of your life, different things take more precedence but I always have found relief in exercise. You have to allow yourself that and give yourself grace.
What Are Your Current Goals or What Are You Working on Right Now?
I just want to keep working on my form and keep getting stronger. And by doing that, I want to remain injury free, for a long, healthy life of working out. So I guess you could say my current goal is to keep working my tail off and stay injury free!

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