Why Mobility?


Why Mobility?

Crossfit movement standards are put in place to ensure the athlete is moving fully through the proper range of motion that the functional movement pattern requires. If we didn’t put emphasis on these human movement patterns, the movement itself has the potential to be less functional. that being said, having strength and stability throughout the entire range of motion is important for safety and efficiency. Mobility work, when done correctly (i.e. lateral lunges), put the joints to full end ranges and often times past the end range of our crossfit movements. This builds strength and stability at end ranges of movement. YOU WANT TO BE STRONG AND STABLE AT END RANGES!!!! 

Spend more time in full end range flexion and extension of the ankle, knee, hip, and shoulder. This is what squat holds and paused squat work accomplishes for you. If you need help in this area, ask a coach for specific movements and holds that can improve a position you are faulty in. ROMWOD and GOWOD are great app resources if you want a daily program to follow 

don’t skip the stretch!