Where are you headed and why?


Where are you headed and why?

What are your health and fitness goals? Are they well defined? What is your plan to achieve those goals? Do your daily tasks have intention behind them? Lastly, what have you set in front of you to keep you motivated? There is a saying in Ireland where someone might tell you to “Throw your hat over the Wall”. It’s a metaphor, so let me explain the context.

In Ireland, because of the weather, there are two articles of clothing that are very important…..your coat and your hat! Because effective headwear is a crucial, if your hat was on the other side of a wall you would need to come up with a plan to get it back…… IT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU and YOU WANT IT BACK!

Achieving our health and fitness goals requires some sense of intention and purpose. It may be that we want to lose weight to improve our health markers, get our first pull up, or maybe recover from injury. You can’t put a price tag on optimal health. Getting back to pre-injury functional status is important and PR’s are great. First, establish how important something is and understand what we are willing to do in order to obtain it. Then, “throw your hat over the wall”. This means intentionally placing something in your path to challenge, overcome, and propel you towards reaching your goal. Take action and commit! This may look like signing up for an OCR or the crossfit OPEN, doing a nutrition challenge, or committing to a local CF competition.

This concept also applies to life in other ways. If you want that new job, then sign up for continuing education classes. Send that resume and go to that interview. Commit to attending that event and buy the outfit. Book the flight and the hotel now for that trip next year. We can create and cultivate our own intention and then develop the plan to get to where we want to go.

Pick what it is you want to accomplish and then “throw your hat over the wall” and become obligated to follow through. Make a plan to get the other side and don’t forget to reflect on how you got there when you finally pick it up