Training v. Practice


Training v. Practice

sometimes just the barbell is enough

One of CrossFit’s theoretical models is the 10 general physical skills. These include endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, speed, power, balance, coordination, accuracy, and agility. If programmed and executed correctly, CrossFit programming should lend toward improvement in all 10 of these areas. Does this mean that doing 110% in every workout or metcon will improve you in all areas? The answer is no!

The first four skills are built by training. Endurance, strength, stamina, and flexibility require work, time under tension, reps, intensity, stress. and stimulus applied to the body to get a favorable adaptation. Intensity is the most important variable for desired results. There are times to go hard and compete and there are times when just applying stimulus for the day is good enough.

Practice improves balance, coordination, accuracy, and agility. This means slowing down with lighter weights, improving form and technique, and hitting positions correctly with consistency. Gymnastic skill work takes practice as don the more technical barbell movements. Slowing down and working positions allows for greater efficiency when intensity and speed are increased. The brain and the body must work together. This is developed by practice!

Power and Speed; well that is why we snatch and clean and jerk. In these movements, we work to apply acceleration to the barbell to complete the lift. Practice and training are required for proficiency. Overhead squat strength, flexibility (trained mobility with overhead stability), timing, coordination. It all comes together here.

And then there is competition: This is the test of fitness. Benchmark workouts, Hero WODS, and competitive functional fitness events allow us to determine how fit we are and more importantly, where we can make improvements.

To be well rounded and good at all the skills requires training and practice. If your goal is to improve your fitness, which is defined as work capacity over broad time and modal domains, what are you doing to improve in all 10 areas? Training is sexy, practice is not. My guess is most are not spending enough time putting in the skill work and expecting lightning in a bottle. I’ll just wake up and get a muscle up!!!- Nah, you won’t.

Put the unsexy work in