About Our Gym

What Makes Hub City CrossFit Different

“CrossFit holds a uniquely elegant solution to chronic illness, which may be the greatest problem facing the world today.” –adapted from Coach Glassman’s lecture February 27, 2016

At Hub City CrossFit we take this message from Coach Greg Glassman to heart. Our mission is to have an impact on the collective health and wellness of our community and help each of our members be the best versions of themselves and discover their fitness potential.

Our owners and coaches are uniquely qualified to support this mission. Our leadership staff hold a variety of higher education degrees and professional licensure/certifications in public health, medicine, exercise science, education, and nursing. We keep learning so you can have the best coaching and support to reach your health and fitness goals.

We are not just a gym. We are a community of people with a common goal. We motivate and encourage each other. We do not judge. We are open to everyone no matter their skill level. We foster an environment for real human connection because we believe this is integral to health optimization.

Our Trainers

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